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1 Year Contracts:

1 Year Contracts are now available and a fixed term contract with a tiered payment structure.
They have a heavy Re-investment rate in the beginning to build a stronger network, but offer a much higher payment rate as the contract progresses.

Our contracts dont have a fixed GH per contract, because as we add more hardware your contracts have access to that too, meaning as we grow and invest in more hardware, you benefit from this throughout the term of the contract. Why settle for a fixed GH contract for a full year, knowing in a few months its going to be worthless?

As well as a higher annual yeild, another benefit to 1yr contracts is that they have a lower purchase price, making them extremely affordable and giving people an option to join and purchase more when your satisfied with everything. For more information, take a look at the 1 Year Contract page

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Mining Statistics
Available Hashrate: 12.40 TH/s
Purchased Hashrate: 12.40 TH/s
Contracts Sold: 12618
Current Pay Period:
23rd February - 8th March
Next Payout: 11th March
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Progressive Altcoin Mining
from just 0.9250 btc/MH

Welcome to

If you've come to our site and you have been mining Bitcoins, I'm sure you've seen several generations of mining hardware come and go. If you were one of the few and lucky to have started mining several years ago, hundreds or thousands of Bitcoins could have been made using nothing but a CPU. Then came "2nd Gen" mining with the introduction of OCL/GPU Mining, the price of AMD/ATI GPU's in particular soared as people hoarded as many high-end cards as they could get their hands on as a single mid-range card could mine at hundreds, even thousands of times the speed of the most powerful CPU!

By now, I'm sure most people have at least heard of FPGA Miners, considered to be "3rd Gen" Mining Hardware. As the level of difficulty in Bitcoin Mining has risen, many GPU miners have been forced to turn off their rigs because the cost of electricity has exceeded the earning potential for many people. This is what made FPGA's so appealing for miners with deep pockets! While FPGA Miners are extremely efficient using only a standard USB connection or DC Adapter for power and drawing only a few Watts of electricity, they require a substantial investment up front. Also, unlike a GPU they can not be used for gaming or other general computing detering most everyday casual miners.

Finally, this brings us to the latest "4th Gen" hardware called ASIC. The acronym pretty much sums it up: Application Specific Integrated Circuit

The initial cost of ASIC mining is extremely high for most casual miners and requires a large investment to be profitable. In addition, an ASIC is only good for one thing - mining Bitcoins. They can not be used for other forms of general computing, gaming, etc. If you have looked into ASIC Mining you may have seen the "cheaper" 3-5Gh/s miners and maybe thought you could make a ton of money with a somewhat small investment. Unfortunately, the truth is that the Bitcoin network and Difficulty is expected to rise roughly 1,000% (10x) within a week of their release and if you haven't already ordered ASIC Miners by June or July of 2012, you probably won't get one for quite a while. Expect to see the Bitcoin Network and difficulty rise more than 50x where it's at right now in the next year!

We are not trying to turn anyone away from Bitcoin Mining and hope you aren't discouraged from mining after reading this! In fact, I hope just the opposite is true after reading what we have to offer! We are offering a solution that will allow everyday miners like yourself to profit EVEN MORE with even a very small Mining Contract! The profit has the potential to be EXTREMELY HIGH, the risk factor is essentially zero and requires only a very small Bitcoin investment (as low as 0.25 BTC per contract!), and everything is professionally managed in our very own secure data center, climate and power controlled, and requires nothing on your part - other than to collect the profits that is!

Payment of Contracts will be made every 2 weeks and will be paid in the form of Bicoins to your own Bitcoin Wallet. Everything is 100% confidential as ALL transactions are handled in-house on a private database. Reports including total and personal Bitcoin yield, hashing power, expansion, etc will be privately available with every payment. Get in now and watch your Bitcoin payments grow from week to week and month to month!

The number of contracts IS LIMITED, get in now while they are available! "Extension" and "Coversion" Contracts for 1-Year Members and Short-term contracts will be available in the future, but the return will not be as high as early investors. If you are interested in what we have to offer, please read our pages on "How it Works" and about different mining contracts for more information!

Others have tried different systems, some may even *sound* similar but we guarantee none are capable of producing Bitcoin returns like this. Whatever you decide, please be careful of the many fraudulant "systems" out there. Please be very cautious of Pyramid type "Bonds", "Shares", and Pools, Ponzi Schemes, people offering to sell you shares at 100%+ PPS, etc. None of them offer the security and peace of mind you have with our very own Progressive Mining Contracts. This system, including everything from hardware to payouts to re-investments has taken over a year in the making and promises to deliver the highest possible returns. The best part of it all, YOU own a stake of the project, ASIC hashrate, and most importantly the Bitcoin profits!

*Please see the legal/disclaimer page of the website for definitions and statements regarding estimated yeilds. Also, please note that Progressive Bitcoin Mining will only receive and/or send Bitcoins - no other currencies or goods are accepted at this time.

New Contracts On Sale

New Contracts now available

We're offering new and existing members the opportunity to join PBM from as little as 0.0278btc each.

As with all new offerings of contracts, the raised funds will be used to purchase new hardware, so new members brings more hashing, meaning there is no dilution of existing holdings. This round of contracts will be used to purchase the upcoming Cointerra TerraMiner IV, a 2TH/s unit which will be released in January 2014, although our orders are expected to ship in February.

For more information on the offering and how to buy contracts, please visit the Purchase page.

Posted on November 16th, 2013

Recent News

Cointerra units arrive, 'C' contracts are now active!

After much delay and frustration by everyone, on Saturday morning the first mining unit was delivered to us. For the time being, we have just 60GH of mining power, however we expect the remaining 9 units (540GH worth) to be with us within the next 2 weeks, bringing our overall hashrate to 600GH

You can log into the members area and see the mining data right now, with more features to be added shortly. For more information, you can visit the Support Forum which is where the most up-to-date information will be posted.

Posted on March 8th, 2013

Finally, Mining Has Started!

After much delay and frustration by everyone, on Saturday morning the first mining unit was delivered to us. For the time being, we have just 60GH of mining power, however we expect the remaining 9 units (540GH worth) to be with us within the next 2 weeks, bringing our overall hashrate to 600GH

You can log into the members area and see the mining data right now, with more features to be added shortly. For more information, you can visit the Support Forum which is where the most up-to-date information will be posted.

Posted on September 23rd, 2013

Members Area Login

The Members Area is now available for all members to use.

All the information you'll need for the Members Area can be found by on the forum here, including how to get access to the area, change any important information, or reset your password.

Posted on September 23rd, 2013

New Website and Member Login!

Many thanks to one of the Progressive Bitcoin Mining members - PaulC2K, for his extremely hard work and dedication to the project! Thanks to PaulC2K and his tremendous amount of support along with the Progressive Bitcoin Mining project we are able to bring you this brand new website and the much requested Member Login feature that will allow our members to quickly and easily check their personal Account Details including Contracts Owned, Referral Information, Bonus Payments, and much much more! Other pages to come soon will include Progressive Bitcoin Mining Information and Stats, Order Information, Mining Statistics, and keep an eye out for new features and projects in the coming weeks and months!

Please note - all Member Contract Information should be correct, however other features are being manually entered into our database and will be added in time so other pages may not show all information or incorrect information. We don't expect this process to take very long but we don't want our members to be surprised if something doesn't look right. We will use this area to keep you informed, please be sure to refresh this page ocassionally for updated information regarding the website and statistics.

*The Member Login is complete but we are still running a few final tests. During the "soft launch" of the new site - small, random groups of members will be provided a validation link for testing purposes and rolled out one group at a time. As your account is randomly chosen, you will be sent an Email to validate your information and create your account login credentials!

Posted on March 14th, 2013

1-Year Bonus!

We would like to thank ALL of our Members for their continued support! We understand that many of you did not receive the Indefinite Contracts that you wished to purchase and to promote our 1-Year Contracts we have been promising an added bonus. Well today we are happy to announce that all 1-Year Contracts will be extended by a full month, this will now give our 1-Year Members (28) Bi-Weekly Bitcoin Payments! Additionally, ALL Members will benefit from the early reinvestment changes that were voted on as well as a free, added hashrate bonus from all of us at Progressive Bitcoin Mining!

Posted on 5th February, 2013


Our apologies for the delay in responses, our Sales Admin was in an unfortunate accident and unable to respond to everyone's requests. All of us at Progressive Bitcoin Mining wish him the best and a quick recovery! In the mean time our Support Admin will be taking his place. Emails have already been sent to most if not all of our members regarding the last few Indefinite Contracts which we hope to have completed by tomorrow, 1-Year Contracts have been re-opened, and after speaking with BFL it sounds like the arrival of ASIC Mining Hardware should be just around the corner!

Recently sales of new Contracts were temporarily closed and we have received a lot of Emails and requests to purchase Contracts. We apologize if this caused any confusion, this was only temporary so that we could reevaluate our current projections. After a long weekend at a tech conference and flight delays we have a lot of people to respond to but we will be working hard early this week to catch up with everyone's questions and will be re-opening the new Contract sales. We should be caught up with all of your questions and confirmations by Jan 18th, thank you all for your patience and please let us know if you have not received a confirmation by the 18th.

Posted on 17th January, 2013